Monday, April 23, 2012

Met my adorable friend, Chloe, for coffees, brunch and catch ups Saturday morning before her flight back to Melbourne. I cannot believe we met three years ago at our first fashion week. Looking adorable as ever, I had to get a photo of Chloe's outfit to post in aid of my 'Australians have style' argument.


Friday, April 20, 2012

It was going to take something big and exciting to wake me up from my blogging coma - If not flying back to Australia to work on a few fashion events, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia being one of them, then what?

San Francisco, my new home of the past nine months, has been absolutely fantastic. I have a fun job, wonderful friends, I'm taking up drums to play in a band with close girl friends (!!!), and all is great... But there is nothing like coming 'home' to Australia. First off, my love affair with Australia has been strong since day one. However, the more time I spend here, the more I adore it. The sun, the culture, the people (specifically my friends), and... the fashion. Before visiting, or living, here I never assumed Australia to be one of the front runners in fashion. I was embarrasingly mistaken. Simply driving down the road you pass people on the way to work, to lunch, out for the night, in trendy (not in an obnoxious way) and laid back (not in a lazy way) outfits. Sheer tops, leather pants, booties with everything (heaven), collared shirts, beach-breezed hair... Perfection. Maybe because all of the current trends in Oz are right up my alley, but I litterally couldn't love the street style here more. A goal whilst I'm here is to take some photos to be able to show my friends and readers from the states just what I mean. So stay tuned, I'll get some of those up after fashion week.

In the mean time, follow my twitter and instagram for instantaneous updates. My username for both is @DANES7387... And here are some chosen shots from my first week back on the motherland.