Thursday, December 15, 2011

I am sure you have come across the fact that outside of working and seemingly, living in the fashion industry, I too have a passion for music. Which is why searching for a new band that vows to be worth a listen, is the ultimate treasure hunt. Surrounded by cringe-worthy pop and rap that you can only listen to after double digit cocktails, it is refreshing to hear bands who pride themselves in simplicity and raw talent. Several months ago I came across The Head and The Heart and The Lumineers. Both bands have a bohemian feel with a folk edge. I have posted a few videos that will be sure to be the tunes which win you over and turn you into an avid fan. I have had the pleasure of experiencing The Head and The Heart at Treasure Island Music Festival this past October - And to say it was enjoyable would be an understatement. It was literally a highlight of the weekend - whether it was the music I newly loved, the sunset highlighting SF's skyline behind the band, or the giant group hug that formulated in the crowd... It was all an incredible experience. So now, I will need to patiently await for March when The Lumineers will be releasing their new album... Hopefully a tour will follow soon after, until then I'll just have to stick to the boys' EP.

The Head and The Heart

Check out The Head and The Heart's website here.

The Lumineers

Check our The Lumineers' website here.

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