Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This picture sparks two reasons for being on my blog (other than the fact it's me):

a) My amazingly talented friend, Xiaohan of Xssat came backstage at Fashion Weekend the other week to take a look around and say HI. She came as I was prancing around in my favorite piece of the show, Shakuhachi's Suede Fringe Jacket. If you follow my twitter, you would already know my obsession with this piece. She posted a fabulous GIF on her blog of my twirling around in the piece, with the tassles dancing around me. It's so fun to watch. To see it, click HERE. My adorable friend also had these kind words to say:

"Dana’s sadly leaving our sunny shores for good next month, I’ll miss the girl dearly, she’s been such a positive and great influence ever since I met her late last year and I can’t wait to pay her a visit on her home turf in the states.

In the mean time, check out Dana’s blog and WHIP IT GOOD!"

b) The second reason in which I posted this photo is to vent. The Shakuhachi jacket, seen in the image, has been on my lust/need/HAVE TO HAVE list for quite some time now. It sealed the deal at the top of my list at Fashion Weekend when I was able to run around in it and fall in love with how the over-the-top fringing felt. Shakuhachi is having an incredibly rare sale of the lifetime at the moment, where almost everything is 50% off... Thus, the once out-of-reach dream-jacket, is now in reach at a reasonable $225. After moving home to America this past week, my mum wanted me to pick out one item that I have been lusting after (my words, not hers) to purchase as my birthday gift. Knowing just the piece, I rushed to my laptop and logged onto the Shakuhachi website to purchase. Only to find out that the site... doesn't work in America. WTF? What type of business doesn't allow us spend-happy, greedy Americans to buy their stuff? I completely understand a hiked shipping fee in order to get my package to me, but not even allowing us the opportunity to order is EVIL! I have searched, scowled, and stalked the internet trying to find this coat on any of the other sites that sell Shakuhachi, but to no avail. So please Shakuhachi, let me get this coat SOMEHOW! I dream of prancing around San Francisco in it, with girls exclaiming, 'WHERE did you get that COAT! It's to DIE FOR!' and with a smirk, I'd then tell them ALL about Shakuhachi... Thus, in return I swear I will forever be your brand ambassador.

p.s. visit Shakuhachi HERE... Also available on Pixie Market, Urban Outfitters, ASOS

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Monday, July 11, 2011

The wonderful company I worked with in Sydney to produce Fashion Week and other amazing fashion shows + events is up for an award. If you guys could take a second to click through and vote for LARA INC. for Australian Business Of The Year, I would love you FOREVER!
To vote, click HERE or sms LARA to 0447 447 070 (if you're in Australia)
Thank you!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

After Fashion Week was Fashion Weekend. It was a different type of event, one geared more towards the consumer and the general public. We had a fashion parade that repeated several times throughout the weekend. I worked with LARA INC. to produce the show and Ryan Lobo to style it. BACKSTAGE FIX came along for the ride during production and made this video that we showed before each show. Keep your eyes peeled for me.

I ordered these babies the other day as a birthday present from mum. Cannot wait for them to show up. I think they bring a bit of 'pow' to an everyday black boot.

The Girls of Australian Fashion Week 2011.
I came across this video today, and am in love.
Made by Ken Butti and the amazing, Lola Van Vorst, it takes a fun Aussie turn on the widely known sing-alongs by Justin Wu (whom did the same at other fashion weeks around the globe).
This video really shows the fun that is had backstage, in between shows (when the stress is turned down). The girls are adorable, and some of my absolute favorites are featured.
I make my own little cameo in the last scene, watching on as Avril and Vanessa dance.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I moved back to the states this week... It's been hard to leave Australia and the life I have made there, but moving back into summertime temps has made it a bit easier ; )

Most photos via FashionMeNow.