Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thursday, last week, was a very busy day and night for some of my friends and I. Emily (Little Black Book) and I started off with Door121's S/S Press Showing (I posted about it here) and a delicious lunch of risotto and sangria... Yum. Next we met Tania (CakeFace Blog) and spent the afternoon shopping at sample sales (with some of the rudest PR staff going) and some of our other favorite boutiques in Paddington... Sass & Bide and Shakuhachi to name a few.
Later in the afternoon, Tania and I met up with Darren (BoyMoments) and Xiaohan (Xssat) to attend Mulberry's 40th Anniversary party promoting their new book. Thrown by Torstar Communications (thanks Gemma!) it was a lavish affair. Golden balloons shaped as handbags, girls painting Mulberry-inspired images on attendee's hands and faces, champagne, and the most delicious sponge cake around! After drooling over the bags and flipping through the new book, Mulberry girls gave us all a piece of cake to take home with us... Good thing, because I bumped into a famished Jessie (We The People) soon after and the cake seemed to hit the spot ; ) Anywho, the Mulberry 40th Birthday Book is absolutely the most luxurious coffee table book I've laid eyes on. Photographer Venetia Dearden and Mulberry came together to document two years of the brand's everyday life. Check out the book here.
Afterward, we headed to downstairs Westfield to check out Shop Til You Drop's VIP shopping night, and headed to the upscale food court for some fuel before our next stop. Lastly, we all headed over to LoFi (one of my favorite spots in Sydney) to celebrate the launch of EverGuide, the new guide to all things music, entertainment, culture and the arts, and sport in Sydney (and in Melbourne too!).
This was by far one of the most fun nights I've had in Sydney. Put on by LifeLounge and The Vine, the room was adorned with a rustic back-alley vibe, all you could drink booze (hellooo unlimited ciders), and flight facilities playing tunes all evening.

Here's a little doco to take you along on the fun day : )

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