Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last week I attended Door121's S/S Press showing.
It was held at the beautiful Luxe Studios and showcased some of my favorite Aussie brands. The collections that really stood out to me were Justine Davis, Pol, Lovers & Collaborators, and Graz, to name a few.
As you all know, I used to work with Door121. It was so lovely to see the gang again, as well as see the new team members that have been brought on. It is such a fantastic company and makes me proud to see it thrive and really making it's name known in the Australian fashion community.
Coincidentally, when I went to the showing, it seemed to be Aussie Blogger Hour. Attending with Emily from Little Black Book, we ran into Genesis from Dandy Sachs, Jessie from We The People, Xiaohan from Xssat, and Joelyne from The Sydney Girl.
I am truly honored and proud to be a part of the Sydney blogger community, especially since I only started my blog a year and a half ago to document my travels. Now look what it's become. ; )
Below is a video I made (I've been toying around on iMovie) to document the Door121 Press Showing.
Hope you like it.

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