Monday, June 27, 2011

So a few weeks ago I attended EverGuide's launch at LoFi in Sydney. I posted a few photos from the launch in my own video here... But my dear friend Darren of BoyMoments alerted me that the official launch video has some photos of me (by him) in it... Here it is:

Everguide launch from Everguide on Vimeo.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Found this photo on my friend Xiaohan's website, Xssat, today. Taken backstage at Sara Phillips' RAFW show, it shows myself, Ryan Lobo and Sara Phillips discussing final preparations with model Eliza Humble.

Xiaohan's comment: "From left to right: Dana Fernie, Ryan Lobo and Sara Phillips, fashion masters at work."

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two more of my favorite girls and close friends, Rachel Grasso and Eliza Humble, and I playing around before Sara Phillips' RAFW show. These two are not only gorgeous on the outside but gorgeous on the inside... A cliche comment, but meet them and try to argue it doesn't fit. ; )

Photos thanks to the very talented Love Cherri.

My adorable little Rachel Rutt looking fabulous as always.

One of my favorite parts of RAFW is being able to see so much of some of the adorable girls I have gotten so close with. I do so many events with the same girls, and after hours and hours spent together, you end up being really good friends.

The top photo is one of the infamous hats Bec&Bridge used in their show this year. Rach loved them so much, they gave her one for her own.

The bottom photo is Rach in her hand-knitted dress, which really displays her sense of style. She started making just the tank-top part, but it was too short, so she continued on and made it into the dress. Crafty, isn't she?
Last week I ventured out to WA to visit my cousin and her family who live in Perth.
It was amazing to spend time with family, my cousin's new baby Emerson, and be able to explore Perth.
Here is a little video of my trip... Warning: it is about 75% baby ; )

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thursday, last week, was a very busy day and night for some of my friends and I. Emily (Little Black Book) and I started off with Door121's S/S Press Showing (I posted about it here) and a delicious lunch of risotto and sangria... Yum. Next we met Tania (CakeFace Blog) and spent the afternoon shopping at sample sales (with some of the rudest PR staff going) and some of our other favorite boutiques in Paddington... Sass & Bide and Shakuhachi to name a few.
Later in the afternoon, Tania and I met up with Darren (BoyMoments) and Xiaohan (Xssat) to attend Mulberry's 40th Anniversary party promoting their new book. Thrown by Torstar Communications (thanks Gemma!) it was a lavish affair. Golden balloons shaped as handbags, girls painting Mulberry-inspired images on attendee's hands and faces, champagne, and the most delicious sponge cake around! After drooling over the bags and flipping through the new book, Mulberry girls gave us all a piece of cake to take home with us... Good thing, because I bumped into a famished Jessie (We The People) soon after and the cake seemed to hit the spot ; ) Anywho, the Mulberry 40th Birthday Book is absolutely the most luxurious coffee table book I've laid eyes on. Photographer Venetia Dearden and Mulberry came together to document two years of the brand's everyday life. Check out the book here.
Afterward, we headed to downstairs Westfield to check out Shop Til You Drop's VIP shopping night, and headed to the upscale food court for some fuel before our next stop. Lastly, we all headed over to LoFi (one of my favorite spots in Sydney) to celebrate the launch of EverGuide, the new guide to all things music, entertainment, culture and the arts, and sport in Sydney (and in Melbourne too!).
This was by far one of the most fun nights I've had in Sydney. Put on by LifeLounge and The Vine, the room was adorned with a rustic back-alley vibe, all you could drink booze (hellooo unlimited ciders), and flight facilities playing tunes all evening.

Here's a little doco to take you along on the fun day : )

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last week I attended Door121's S/S Press showing.
It was held at the beautiful Luxe Studios and showcased some of my favorite Aussie brands. The collections that really stood out to me were Justine Davis, Pol, Lovers & Collaborators, and Graz, to name a few.
As you all know, I used to work with Door121. It was so lovely to see the gang again, as well as see the new team members that have been brought on. It is such a fantastic company and makes me proud to see it thrive and really making it's name known in the Australian fashion community.
Coincidentally, when I went to the showing, it seemed to be Aussie Blogger Hour. Attending with Emily from Little Black Book, we ran into Genesis from Dandy Sachs, Jessie from We The People, Xiaohan from Xssat, and Joelyne from The Sydney Girl.
I am truly honored and proud to be a part of the Sydney blogger community, especially since I only started my blog a year and a half ago to document my travels. Now look what it's become. ; )
Below is a video I made (I've been toying around on iMovie) to document the Door121 Press Showing.
Hope you like it.