Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I am sorry for my insane break from my blog. Ever since RAFW prep began (the second I stepped foot on Aus. soil) it has been nonstop. I am now back in action and have time to share all of my experiences with you all.

If any of you have been following me on twitter, especially during RAFW, you have been up to date with all of my jobs and what I have seen. I worked with LARA inc. on the production of 20+ shows for RAFW. Which is more than any other producer, and the most she has taken on to date. It was an insane amount of responsibility which required a lot of patience, focus, and energy. I was working intense days, with little sleep, and coffee was my best friend. It really helps that between the production crew, backstage crew, hair/makeup, and the models we had a little RAFW-family.

Here are some of the photos I took with my iphone throughout the week. Feel free to look back at my tweets from RAFW to see even more coverage ... Here.

Joking around with the girls.

Runway set up for Talulah
Briefing the girls before Talulah.
Briefing the models.
The gorgeous Nicole from GarryPepperVintage interviewing Nookie designer.
The lovely Rachel Rutt rehearsing.
Annika Rehearing for Rachel Gilbert.
Nookie Rehearsals.
More rehearsals.
Media Pit after marking their spots.
Backstage prep.
Most hectic part of the week: Rushing from on site to Icebergs at Bondi to pick up these girls from Kirrily Johnston's show to rush them back on site for Morrison. They were calling me 'momma' as I was assisting to rip our hair extensions, remove make up, and feed them before getting back on site. Crazy... But had the best and most cooperative girls with me. Love them.
Kirrily Johnston backstage.
Briefing Alistair Trung.
More backstage madness.

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