Friday, March 25, 2011

So ever since it became semi-fashionable to be a cheapskate and not go to the salon and rock the 'Ombre Look', I have been the trendiest person alive. I fully embraced not paying heaps of cash to get highlights done on a regular basis... And to be honest, since moving to Australia in March on 2010, I have not even stepped foot inside a salon. So when I came home to Atlanta and with seeing my friend Lauren's jaw drop when she saw my hair, I knew I had to do something. Her family owns a salon, so we made an evening out of catching up, margaritas, and tackling my two-toned hair. We thought it'd be fun to use photo booth to capture the process...

The Before:


Almost finished...
The after:


Now, I didn't want too much done. If she had given me a new head of highlights, I would have been in the same boat a few months later due to the fact I am extremely over going in for touch-ups. So all Lauren did was give me a glaze and some brighter pieces at the bottom to make the transition from DARK to LIGHT a semi-appropriate one. Although to some it may look the EXACT same, I am thrilled with the result and Lauren can now stand to go out with me in public... A win win! Horray!

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