Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Teaspoon have just had the Autumn/Winter range arrive in store this past week, and I was invited in for a little browse. Although it is 40 degrees (100 degrees Fahrenheit for the Americans) in Sydney, it was fantastic to be able to see pieces from my favorite season! There's something about being able to wear anything and everything in your wardrobe, that gets me excited! You can wear all your warm, winter pieces - Or, if inclined, you can wearing you favorite summer pieces, layered with chunky knits and opaque tights.

The brand is listening to their customers and fulfilling the request to see their clothes on 'real' girls; Therefore they wanted to see the clothes on me! This is quickly becoming a new trend throughout the fashion industry, and I hope it's one which will stay! Now, what girl wouldn't love an invitation to come play dress up for an afternoon!

This is the outcome:

Deception Silk Dress - pared with my own bike shorts.
Deception Silk Dress with Hawaiian Silk Shirt.
Defender Overalls, Fallen Angel Bra with Hawaiian Silk Shirt.
Defender Overalls with Fallen Angel Bra.
*Great festival outfit!*
Original Angels in classic blue, with Sweet Lace Bodice and Defender Duffle Coat.
Original Angels in classic blue, with Sweet Lace Bodice and Defenders shirt.
Dreamer Maxi Skirt with Sweet Lace Bodice and Smoking Jacket.
*This is actually the outfit I purchased - Minus the Smoking Jacket. I will have to return when my bank account allows to pick up that little number.*

Dreamer Maxi Skirt with Sweet Lace Bodice with Embellished Knit.
Dreamer Maxi Skirt with Sweet Lace Bodice with Wilted Rose Jacket.
Thrashed Bandits in ruby, Sweet Lace Bodice and Denver Knit.
Sweet Lace Bodice, Thrashed Bandits in ruby and The Savannah.
Thrashed Bandits in ruby, Sweet Lace Bodice and Southern Silk Shirt.
My purchases!!
*Dreamer Maxi Skirt
*Sweet Lace Bodice

I wore the pieces to the Surry Hills Markets today where I had a stall, and was street style snapped FIVE times - It's just that cute! : )

I must go back for the fabulous leather pants, chunky knits and the blue velvet smoking jacket.

It was such a fun afternoon trying on all the pieces!
If you are in Sydney and haven't been to this store yet, you must. It is an amazing space, full of different rooms, levels and moods; The Blue Room, The Black Room, The Library/Vintage Room, etc. It's incredible!

I would like to say a special thank you to Lorena, One Teaspoon, and the staff at the Crown Street Store (one of the girl's names was Dana!) for letting me come in and take over for an hour or two. : )

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  1. It's refreshing to see brands wanting to engage with 'regular' girls, it makes so much sense it's not funny. I'm surprised you didn't get the silk dress - that piece looks great on you x

  2. WOW! this is amazing, the store set up looks impressive even only from here! i must go and check it out - thanks for sharing!

    come stop by for a visit,

    ps. loving the Smoking jacket too!

    x Your Only Blackswan