Saturday, February 12, 2011

My beautiful friend, Rachel Rutt.

I took this photo last December when we met for lunch before she set off for a few months of travel. She's currently living the life in London, Paris, and anywhere else her heart desires. Very exciting for her, but I miss her too much.

She had purchased this skirt 5 minutes before I arrived at the Vinnies next door. It is a fantastic dark blue velvet. This girl looks good in anything, so it's even more amazing that she has the fabulous sense of style she does. Whenever we get together she blows me away with her outfit she's just 'thrown on'.

A true bohemian, Rachel has the most wonderful heart. We always have amazing discussions and deep conversations. She cares until no end and will put anyone before her own needs. She is definitely one of my favorite parts of Australia since moving here.


  1. Oh my god, I love Rachel!! So lucky you're friends with her haha I made her a facebook fan page a while ago

  2. You're so lucky!
    I just found the Yen Issue with her on the cover, hehe (:

  3. This girl is stunningly gorgeous.