Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tonight, C and I saw Toy Story 3 in 3D at the Cronulla movie theater.
Now, I know I am not a movie critic, but I do feel it necessary to review this one. In a word, this movie was incredible - amazing - classic - fantastic. It did not in any way insult the originals or let myself or C down. It felt as though not a day has passed since the first of the series premeired.
I was the girl who went to Burger King to get ever Toy Story Happy Meal toy offered, had replicas of Buzz, Woody, RC and the whole gang... Just ask my mom. Daily play sessions, re-inacting the movie, would take place in the living room. So due to high expectations, I was nervous. Yet, everything - from the old characters, new characters, plot, music, visuals - was right on key. It even, I have to admit, made me tear up a few times. This is the perfect film for all ages and cannot be missed. Instant classic - C and I have already agreed to buy the trilogy on dvd when released. Cheers and let me know what you all think when you see it yourselves! x o

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