Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"This past Saturday [March 13] was C and I's one year anniversary. I will spare you all of the sappy appreciation and couple-talk and get to the story. The day continued on as any other in Melbourne... with a body building competition, sunburns, and embarrassment thrown in on top. C's and his best friend, Corey, had gotten interested in the fact that there was a body building competition on in Melbourne on Saturday. Amy, Corey's girlfriend, and I were not interested, to say the least. So we sent the boys off to go to their steroid-using-men-in-thongs-parade, while Amy and I headed off to St. Kilda. This is an area of town that reminds me alot of San Fran and Little 5 Points in Atlanta, except on the beach. Its very alternative, great vintage shopping, and a fantastic beach along side of it. Amy and I headed down around mid-day and planned on meeting the boys after they were satisfied with the body comp.

First off, Amy and I decided to walk along the beach and chit-chat. St. Kilda has two piers that produce awesome views of the whole beach and a lot of the city... so we walked along those and hung out at the end for a bit. After enough sunshine, we got some lunch and popped in few shops before heading to the Belgium Beer Garden. If any of you are ever in Oz, there is an absolute need for you to check this out. This place, especially on Sundays (I am told), is the best place to meet up with a few friends and hang out while you have a few drinks when the weather is nice. It's a massive yard with lots of cabanas and tables with umbrellas, simply a really good atmosphere. After a few glasses of wine, the boys decided to show up. After a good afternoon of making new friends, lots of wine, and an amazing dinner at Rococco - C and I decided it was time to do the whole anniversary deal.

C took me back to the house, told me to shower and get ready and we would be on our way. By the time I took a shower, I had probably drank half the wine in Australia, so I was having a bit of trouble. But the shower and dinner seemed to help a bit, so I was able to function properly. With no idea where we were headed, I got in C's car and we drove out for about an hour. On the way, I think I was awake for about 5 minutes of the drive due to the wine and sunshine cocktail I'd had earlier... I am sure C was feeling very romantic with a comatose girlfriend in tow. When I woke up, We were at top of a mountain, and C was outside the car talking to a security guard through a closed gate... Um? Turns out, there is an awesome look-out over Melbourne and he wanted to take me to... only to find that the National Park the look-out is located in closed at eleven, we had arrived at 11:15. Damn.
The grumpy security guard left the gate and a disappointed C got in the car. I spotted a break in the gate, and with a glance to C, we both got out of the car and decided to walk along the gate to get to the opening. Now, did I mention that we were at the top of a mountain? With wild animals and rocks and dirt and hills? Due to a hard workout the day before my leg muscles were feeling a bit tight, and upon making the comment, "good thing my legs are useless", the wine + sunshine cocktail kicked in, I took a step and went tumbling down a hill - clinging only on to the iron fence as I went down... Shit. Unable to control my laughter, I open my eyes to see myself covered in dirt, scuffed hands, and a drop-mouthed C staring at me. Deciding that this attempt was a bust, we got in the car, only to discover that I had rolled in something foul-smelling. Wow, real romantic Dana. Good Job.

C and I ended up finding a nice lookout to spend a minute at before heading home, so I could pass out on the drive. Hopefully next year, we will create just as many memories, but I will smell a bit better while doing it.

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  1. fabulous blog darling!
    it's so interesting hearing someone from another country's view of Australia :)

    lauren xx