Tuesday, May 18, 2010

March 4th, 2010:

"So, I have arrived! I am in Sydney... and already loving it!

The flight was surprisingly easy. I am actually very impressed... Well, this is all probably because I had an entire row to myself (three seats... score!), a plug for my laptop, excessive amounts of pillows and blankets, and movies and snacks galore... and the sleeping pills helped of course.

During the flight I made friends with two Canadian girls whom were headed to Aust to backpack and explore for the next few months. Due to my lack of patriotism, we steered clear of Olympic talk and chatted about our excitement instead. They graduated from a college in Toronto just last May and are very similar to me in the sense that they dont want to join the working force so they decided to blow their savings and explore the other side of the world. After chatting, we all passed out for about the next 15 hours, until we were told we were landing. On arrival, the Canadians and I cheered and clapped, only to realize that no one around us was pleased with the disruption and celebrations... rude.

Of course my new best friends on this side of the world and I exchanged information and are planning on meeting up sometime this week.

After exiting the plane, customs was a breeze and both my bags were in the first load of bags on the belt. After gathering my bags, I walked out and immediately spotted Christopher... which was great, because I, the worry-wart I am, was worried I'd be lost and wandering around for hours. It is amazing to see Christopher again, I've missed him very much... as we all know he has me. ;)

To my disappointment there weren't any koalas hanging around lightpoles or kangaroos hopping around on the tarmacs... but i'm sure they were just having a siesta...it was early after all.

After about an hour of explore what is known as the 'car park', Christopher and I found our car... Just in time for me to utterly confuse myself and sit on what i thought was the correct seat, which in turn - unless i wanted to immediatly learn how to drive stick, on the wrong side of the car and the wrong side of the street... was not.

Right off, C and I did a driving tour of the popular beaches... Dont worry girls, on sighting of a real live Aussie surfer, I snapped a photo for you... After the beaches, C and I sat down at one of his favorite restaurants for lunch. I was already fading fast, so I decided to order some coffee. At first, thinking this would be an easy task... I was quickly proved wrong. Long black, Long white, I dont know what I ordered... But I ended up receiving the strongest cup of caffeine... Evah (that's how they say it, right Kiwi?).

After a bit more exploring and confusion over stopsigns and round-abouts (they do NOT do it the same as America, note to self), it was time to see the house I'll be staying in and possibly pass into a coma to recover my exhaustion.

The house is precious, the roommates (Tim and Bridget) are awesome, and that damn cup of coffee denied me of any napping for the next 24hrs.

Last night we spent time with the roommates, got some dinner and dessert... but due to my internal clocking thinking it was 5 a.m., my stomach wasnt having it. It was a shame, because it was Thai, my fav, and it looked amazing.

I passed out at 10, woke up constantly, and was up for good at 630... I'm pretty sure at that moment, C wanted to kill me. Today, if weather permits, will be full of Ferry-ing through Sydney Harbor to Manly Beach, then later cocktails at the Opera House Bar with the roommates (which will be their title) to watch the sun set."

"Saturday, we are taking the 10 hour drive and heading to Melbourne.... home of C's family and friends and apparently his heart. (There's are 'lovingly-rivalry' between Sydney and Melbourne... Tim for Sydney and C for Melb... my side is yet to be chosen). We will be staying there for the week, the following we will be back in Sydney, the next is Melb, and then staying in Sydney. (week on, week off style).

Speak to you all soon,
Miss you dearly.

Love from the other side of the world,

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