Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Friday, March 5th was Christopher's birthday... Although you would have never been able to tell by asking him. I, being someone who celebrates the whole month prior to my birthday, had been quite excited for this day and whatever celebrations would take place. C, on the other hand, was not as excited (to say the least) as I was. He tried to keep the celebrations to a minimum and I agreed... with fingers crossed behind my back of course. In the morning we went to Commonwealth bank and opened my first bank account in Oz... Very exciting, A) because it meant I was actually here; B) because it meant I was here to stay... for a while; C) I was able to get some of my own money out in the local currency. After the bank, C and I went out to a cute little cafe for lunch and I started to scout the local shops. When C went to pay the bill, I sneakily ran off and entered the bakery next to the cafe armed with my own Australian dollars. After the bakery I went into the little asian man's shop next door and won the jackpot when he had hideous sparkly number candles... perfect for a birthday. I walked back up to the cafe to a confused C and presented my giant cupcake with a sparkly '28' popping out of the top and proceeded to scream (because I cannot sing) 'happy birthday'. He was embarrassed, but I know it made him happy. Mission accomplished."

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