Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Well, I truly believe life throws some curve balls to teach you how to respond and to count your blessings. I have been trying to get to NYC all day today... despite Mother Nature's plans. Due to the massive snow storm in the Northeast, the fastest I will be getting to the city is Friday...

Meaning, I miss the New Garde 2010 event I was supposed to work and about two days of fabulous-ness in NYC as well.

Knowing that I will have just as fantastic time in the city with my girls despite when I get there... My disappointment in missing the event set in. Only to get worse when I got on twitter to see updates from WWD (women's wear daily), Whitney Port, Kelly Cutrone, and other incredibles I would have met if I'd been there, stating their love for the event and describing how amazing it was... G r r r r r e a t .

Well that's life and it's liberty for plans to change at the drop of a hat.

Now to cross my fingers and hope Mother Nature will lay off until Friday... allowing my new dates of Friday - Wednesday to be fabulous and cancellation-free.

Cheers to curveballs.

x o

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