Monday, February 1, 2010

Started a new book today. Only six pages in and there are already a few excerpts which in response with 'my sentiments exactly', I felt I needed to share:

" Though I'd never been in this room before, something about it felt wonderfully familiar. Europe had that effect on me, ever since I stepped off the plane for the first time in college. I felt more like myself here: as though my love of art and history was natural and my inability to name the latest rock band didn't matter. In Paris the past is always with you: you look at it, walk over it, sit on it. I had to stop myself from grabbing Gwendal's arm as we waked up the narrow passage to the entrance: Pardon me, sir, I couldn't help but notice; the cobblestones outside your door are older than my country. The idea thrilled me. I've always been a bit of an old-fashioned girl. I feel good in old places."

"I like to think I was born in the wrong century. I'm sure I would have done very well with a hoop skirt, a fan, and a drawing master. (My mother likes to remind me that, more likely, I would have been a very nearsighted scullery maid.) Paris is the perfect city for my kind of mental time travel. There are very few streets that don't bear some small imprint of a grander, more gracious time - the swooping curve of a wrought-iron balcony or a fading stencil above the window of a boulangerie."

"Everyone talks about Paris in the springtime. Maybe it's because my own Paris romance started in December, but I prefer the City of Light in the winter."

Je vous manque Paris...

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