Thursday, December 31, 2009

Whew... So after more than twenty-four hours of travel, flight delays, flight cancellations, and rebookings... I am finally in Italy.
Obviously trips of this matter cannot go off as easily and perfectly as ever expected... Although, no one expects them to be as frustrating and hectic as mine was the other day.
But all complaints aside, I am sitting happy in the Firenze house with dad, step mom, and two little sisters.
Met many nice people along the way, one of which sticks out. My neighbor on my 8-hour flight from Philadelphia to Frankfurt, Nichol. Nichol was a young guy from Norway who was traveling back after being on holiday in Puerto Rico... ey yi yi. He was very nice, aside of the stench that was protruding from his body. After chatting a while, he explained that security has prevented him from bringing his deodorant with him on to the flight. At this fact, I made a mental note that he may in fact be a very sanitary person, although not portraying at the moment.
I found myself very happy that I had taken the time to get to know Nichol at the beginning of the flight, when I woke up on his shoulder... awkward. After our in flight meal of an assortment of carbs and starches, I decided to doze off a bit. After who knows how long, I wake up to a strong smell, that could only be described as Nichol... I found myself curled up and cuddled on Nichol's arm. After looking up, I saw Nichol who was wide-awake and quite aware of my nuzzling. To explain that I've ever been as embarrassed to this degree would be a lie. My reaction to this realization was even more embarrassing... with a quick jolt of embarrassment; I jumped up, forgetting my seatbelt was on, to only be pulled back down with the loudest thud on the plane. I then asked Nichol if he would mind if I got up to go to the restroom. He muttered a response and got up. As he got up, I quickly followed, only to run into his backside due to him not moving as fast as expected. I then slid past him when I had enough room, only to trip over the cord of his earphones, which were still plugged into the armrest and fell to my knees. I panicked, asked if I had broken them, and barely heard the response as I dashed off to the restroom. When returning from the restroom, things went a little more smoothly. I then curled up, facing the window and fell back asleep while replaying the world's most embarrassing moment in my mind.
Things were fine for the next 4 hours of the flight... until the stewardess came around for trash, and i noticed Nichol throwing away his expensive Bose noise-canceling earphones... shit.
Not that you would expect any different, but when the Fasten-Seatbelt-Light went off after landing, I've never seen a man dash off a plane so quickly.

Aside embarrassment and lack of dignity... the flight went fine.

Cheers to the world's most embarrassing flight.

x o D

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