Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My favorite part of Palazzo Tornabouni's Bespoke Fashion Seminars was the trip to Scuola del Cuoio, which translates to School of Leather.

Here is the explanation of the Scuola:

"Scuola del Cuoio was created after World War II through the collaborative efforts of the Franciscan friars of the Monastery of Santa Croce and the Gori and Casini families, Florentine leather artisans since the 1930s. Their mission was to give orphans of the war a means to learn a practical trade with which to earn a living. Today, the vision of the school lives on through Laura, Francesca, and Barbara, and grandson Tammaso Gori who manages Scuola des Cuoio. Francesca Gori in particular, has created a line of hand-stitched one-of-a-kind handbags. Her collection is made form soft deerskin or exotic pelts such as crocodile, ostrich, and python, often featuring bright color combinations with decorative closures and bobbles of silver, gold, semi-precious stones and other rare materials such as fossils, quartz, and amber."

2 4 k a r a t G o l d + c o a s t e r .

o s t r i c h .

D r e a m B a g .

F a b D e t a i l s O n S n a k e S k i n .

G r e a t W o r k S p a c e .

T h e P r o c e s s .

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