Saturday, January 16, 2010

Following the entire day of Pitti fabulousness on Tuesday, I went home to re-coop for a short minute, before getting myself together to attend the Firenze (magazine) cocktail party, held in celebration of Pitti Uomo.

To say the least, the Firenze cocktail party was the most fabulously drama filled night of my life… and yes, that includes all my regretted nights I attended Pool Hall.

While chatting and sipping champagne, I envisioned this being my life exactly… until a champagne glass came crashing to the floor to wake me from my daydream abruptly. When looking up, I see a sketchy little homely man ‘admiring’ the Mercedes on display behind me and making glances toward me regularly. On the way to the Mercedes, 'sketchy-guy’ had pushed his way between a small table and the wall about a foot behind me, resulting in the champagne glass to be shoved off the table and smashed to pieces. After noticing it was ‘sketchy-man’, we made eye contact a few times and something seemed off to me. About ten minutes later it was time to leave to get some dinner. On the way out, a women that I had been mingling with and whom was standing in the same vicinity as me, shoved past me in hysterics. When I got to the entrance, with a bit of translation and observation of the absolute hysterics, I realized the woman’s purse has been stolen.

Her $5,000 purse.

Her $5,000 Louis Vuitton purse.

Her $5,000 Louis Vuitton purse which had been on the table about a foot behind me.

The same table the housed the champagne glass which was smashed to pieces when ‘sketchy-man’ pushed by.

The same table that did not have the $5,000 Louis Vuitton purse on it when the champagne glass smashed.

Oh. My. God. ‘Sketchy-man’ stole the purse!!!

At this realization I scream to the lady that I had seen him! I had seen ‘Sketchy-man’! ‘Sketchy-man’ stole the purse!!!

When she then started yelling at me telling me to find him, where is he, what does he look like…. I saw him.

I saw him trying to hide. He was standing behind a pillar next to the bar, trying to hide… from me! I walked up to him and (in Italian) said, ‘excuse me’, while putting my hand on his shoulder. At this touch, he raised his hand, and screamed something at me. Whatever he yelled at me was not in English or Italian. After yelling the little ‘Sketchy-man’ dashed away from me and out the curtained entrance. Shit.

I then went back to the guards, hysterical woman, and large crowd that had acquired at the entrance to say that I had found (and lost) the man… along with a description. I’ve never been in a situation where I had to describe the accused man, but I surprised myself with the amount of detail I was able to explain (Good to know for future criminal witnessings).

After the description, the lady set off on more hysterics then began to abuse the security guards for not paying attention. At this moment, I realized that no one has gone around to check whether ‘sketchy-man’ had left the purse or dropped it when he realized people were watching (me). I set off to inspect a bit while the hysterical lady was preoccupied.

First I checked around the car that the man has pretended to be checking out after the glass smashed, to no success. Next, I decided to check the area where I had confronted the man. After an initial search, I did not find the bag. Then, on my way back to the door, I spotted something. It was the bag!! I had found the bag!! Woo hoo!! Apparently, ‘sketchy-man’ had dropped the bag when he had yelled at me to cause a distraction.

I then marched back to the front door and the hysterical woman. After presenting her with the bag, I felt and was treated like a bit of a hero by the woman, crowd, and owner of the magazine… Yessss, I saved the night!

After a thousand thank-you’s, it was time for dinner and home… finally.

Here are a few photos I snapped before the drama set in:

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