Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So I'm thinking of commissioning all the airlines to ask for some free miles.

I'm busy trying to plan my next few months, all while trying to cram in enough stops to see everyone I'll miss while I'm in Australia.

Let's see...

Atlanta to be with the mom and brother over Christmas. Not to mention lots of time spent with Lula, Kate, and Brooke.

Off to Italy on Dec 29th until Jan 18th.

Then hopefully stopping by:
San Francisco to meet up with Danielle & visit Allison, Molly, G and Kiwi.
Sonoma to see my baby cousin & cuz Dee.
Wyoming to see my auntie Martha.
NYC to see AnnaSal & Anne.
Then back to Atlanta to spend some more time at home before off to Australia at the end of Feb : )

Atl->SF->Denver (drive to Wy)->NYC-> Atl = only $450 to raise 'only' $450.

Hmmmm... Ideas?

x o D

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