Thursday, November 26, 2009

T h o s e T h a t I ' m T h a n k f u l F o r

f a m i l y .

f r i e n d s .

l o v e .

c o o p i e .

I have too much to be thankful this year. From my family, friends, boyfriend, pup, the list goes on and on.
Mom: I couldn't imagine a better mom. Especially now, when I'm home sick and you're taking care of me like I'm 5 again. I love you.
Dad: I cannot wait to come visit and spend time with you in Italy.
KB: I am lucky to have a stepmom that love me as if I were her own.
Bowen and Avery: I am truly lucky to have two of the cutest little sisters around.
Alex: As much of a pain you are, I love my big brother and his backwards sense of humor.
Christopher: I could not imagine a better boyfriend or romance. I am lucky to have met you and am thankful everyday. I love you very much. I cannot wait to cook Thanksgiving dinner for you next year!!
Cara: our friendship is unique and odd and I love it. I could not have the conversations I have with you, with anyone else in the world.
Whitney: I love our friendship, I just wish I saw more of you!
Lula: My oldest friend in the world. Love you more than you know. Here's to another ten years : )
Kate: The ins and the outs, ups and downs, make our friends ship what it is. And thanks for going to Vegas with me to meet my soulmate.
Brookie: Since highschool, our advertures have been... interesting, to say the least. Here's to more sneaking out and jokes to be made.
CHO: Um, I love you. You're a constant in my like, and a fantastic friend. Whenever I need a text novel, I'll turn to you.
Stacey: Could running in to you be any more enjoyable ; )
Molly: I miss you every day that I am not in SF. You are my little eggie and my adoptive sister. Cannot wait to reunite.
Danielle: I talk to you more than the people in the same town as me. I love you mucho, my U of A sista.
Allison: Twinsies. This summer was a wild romance. I miss you everyday. Cannot wait to rekindle the flame, haha.

Remember to thank those who are meaningful to you.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
I hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday season.

x o D

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