Monday, November 16, 2009

What: My Christmas & Grad Party!!
Where: My Atl House
When: Dec 19th; 7pm - until time for bars.

Please come to my parent's house in Atlanta on December 19th because we have A LOT to celebrate!!

On December 12th I will be graduating University of Alabama!!! WOOOO finally!! Then I'll be coming home for the holidays and to get ready to set off to Italy & move to Australia in February.

So please come dressed to impress and join me for a night of celebrations at my parents house for food and drinks, then when it dies down a bit we can head off to the bars!

I will miss all of yall very much when I'm gone for majority of 2010 and lets use this to have one last 'hoorah' before I set off.

For those of yall that aren't from Atlanta or nearby, you are MORE than welcome to come stay at our house for the whole weekend or just Saturday night... we have plenty of room!

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  1. sad I won't be able to make it. congrats and have fun!!